It's the first day of FIRST GRADE!

Well, . . . sort of. When I drove my child to her enrichment program this morning I was trying to get her excited about her first day of school. She quickly reminded me we had already begun school 2 weeks ago. Well, she's right. Again!

Our first day of homeschooling first grade was August 18, 2014. The first two weeks had the usual ups and downs of getting back in the groove after a summer of free wheelin'. We have both really been looking forward to getting back to "school" where enrichment groups take place twice a week. The first half of the year my little first grader will be engaged in art, music, and Spanish.

We both started the day with mixed emotions - joy, excitement, wonder, concerns, more excitement. Luckily I have a real social butterfly - she was looking forward to meeting some new friends and seeing some regulars. The 30 minute country drive to her enrichment program is always wonderful, uninterrupted mommy-daughter time - time to think, prepare, sing, laugh, and reflect.

Drop off done. No tears. Now, I'm off to get a good latte - here's to a great school year everyone!

Feel free to let me know how the first day went for you and your little ones (or even big ones!).

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