Lazy Blogging

I have been a lazy blogger. It's been almost 4 months since my last post. What's up, you say?

LIFE. That's what's up. And deciding to relax more.

I spend much of my time homeschooling my elementary age child, or researching and preparing for lesson plans, or driving her to enrichment programs, Tae Kwan Do class, Lego Day at the library, Daisy Troop meetings, etc. Then when I get a break, my husband whisks our child off for some fun activity time so I can, . . .  wait for it . . .

. . . have more time to clean the house and/or work in the yard. If I'm lucky, I sneak in a nap with the cats. In the evenings when our child is finally asleep, I might have a little "me" time and I can muster up enough energy kick back on the couch to watch some mindless TV and get caught up with the latest news on FaceBook.

I used to be a very active blogger. My cats have their own blog. Yep, my cats blog. I'm their transcriptionist. They (the cats) used to blog every day and would get great blog traffic. Then LIFE happened to them too - a little human girl entered their world. Now the cats spend a lot more of their days being lazy bloggers too - napping instead of blogging.

I give kudos to those bloggers who can do it all. Who plan better and write 100 posts in advance. Who have mastered the social media world to connect with others to drive traffic to their blogs. Who have found a way to make money off their blogs. I would love to do that.

At this stage in my life I'm just happy being a lazy blogger. I've got enough things to think about and do - like family stuff. . . and also, looking for the next great latte.

Are you a lazy blogger? Then you are my people. I support you lazy bloggers everywhere!


  1. I love the way you sleep with your furbabies by your head! Just stopped by to say that you were one of the first commentors on my blog back in 2006...when I lost Sandy Red Tigger... Purrz for a Happier Mew Year... Katie Kat.

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  2. Sabi, my tuxie, still likes to hang out by my head (especially when I'm on couch). Happy New Year to you too! And thanks for stopping by my blog.