OMG - I am SUCH a MOM!

On one of those rare occasions when I was given the night off from being a mom, I made myself a grilled cheese sandwich, and poured myself a glass of wine. I looked down at my creation and noticed a couple of things.
1) I cut my sandwich into 4 squares.
2) I poured my wine in a plastic cup - the kind my kid brings home from a restaurant.

Seriously?! Why didn't I just cut the crusts off while I was at it?! And for heaven's sake, I should have put a lid on that cup with a straw so I wouldn't spill on the carpet!

Yep. This is my world. Mommyhood. I takes over. I don't really get a night off - well, at least my brain doesn't! But that's OK. Another moment to reflect about mom stuff - and laugh. I could probably write hundreds of "You Know You're A Mom When . . ." statements, but there are plenty of other moms who have already compiled such great lists.

One such mom-blogger is Lisa-Jo Baker, of Surprised by Motherhood blog. She compiled her own great list which she invited others to share, . . . so here are a dozen highlights;

#2 - A trip to the grocery store alone is your idea of a spontaneous getaway.
#10 - You consider Goldfish crackers a food group.
#13 - You listen to your kids' favorite tunes even when you're driving by yourself.
#24 - You know how badly stepping on a piece of Lego can hurt.
#26 - You have an entire Pinterest board full of crafts you will never get around to actually doing.
#32 - You spend more on carpet cleaning products than make-up.
#50 - Your kisses have magical, healing properties.
#70 - Super Glue is your best friend. So is chocolate.
#71 - Cereal is a breakfast, lunch and dinner kind of food at your house.
#84 - You know the precise shape sandwiches should be cut up into.
#87 - You think you can cut hair.
#91 - You do more multitasking in an average day than than any CEO.

Each of us moms could compile our own list of 100, or more! What's on your list?

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